COVID-19 Policy and Updates

The conditions of Covid-19 are constantly changing every day. We at Singhz Services Melbourne take care of each of our workers. Because of unsafe surroundings, we take many precautions to save our workers from Covid-19. We also provide necessary supplies to our cleaning team for the protection of the customers as well.

Updates of 7th August and Stage 4 Lockdown

There is no specific announcement on when lockdown will complete and certain restrictions on the business will end. We have got permission from higher authorities and lockdown 4 will complete on Sunday unless there is any further notification.

Our cleaning services will start on Monday

Updates of 4th August

We have got permission to start certain services in lockdown. Now, customers can get our services anytime.

Customers with Welfare Support

The customers who get the payments from welfare organizations can continue our services. You can send us an email for confirmation of the specific category.

Services for the Customers Who are Unable to Clean Their Surroundings

Currently, we are offering our cleaning services only for the customers who are unable to clean their homes because of health issues. It is very difficult for some customers to clean their homes themselves. So, we request every customer to do a health checkup.

We will give the best quality cleaning services if you cannot clean your home due to genuine reasons. It is our request for everyone not to call our cleaners if you can clean your home yourself.

If you have a serious health issue and want our cleaning services, you can fill the online form on our site. Our team will check your details and provide you with cleaning services for the coming 6 weeks if you have a genuine reason.

Cleaning for Commercial Buildings

Our cleaning services for the commercial buildings will continue as usual.

Our end of lease cleaning services will be continued as normal. We have received permission to offer the cleaning services for the essential businesses. Our move out and end of lease cleaning services for real estate industries will continue as normal.

We offer end of lease cleaning services only for

  1. Real Estate Agent
  2. The customers who are unable to clean their homes due to health issues. They will have to fill an online form to book our cleaning services.

Postponed Services

If you can do any service yourself, we will postpone that service for the coming 6 weeks. If you can clean your home yourself now, we will provide the professional cleaning services after 6 weeks.

If you do not want our cleaning services after the lockdown period, you should send us an email with the statement.

If the lockdown period exceeds, we will postpone our services and give you updates regularly.

You can contact us anytime for solving your queries.

Update of 4th August - 11 Am

Our team has sent an email to all the customers stating the action plan. Our email contains the following information:

We want to bring to your notice that many businesses will have to be closed from Wednesday. Our business also falls in this category and so, we will have to stop our services for the lockdown period.

There is no specific confirmation in the announcement about which businesses should be closed in the coming 6 weeks. It was declared in a press announcement that non-essential services including the cleaning services should be postponed. The services for the safety and welfare reasons must continue as per the latest declaration. Some services are deemed essential and they should continue even in the lockdown period.

Our team is working at its best to find out which businesses fall under the essential category. We will keep you updating with the latest news. We have not yet received clear details from the government and so we are trying our best to find out various details. We will probably start a few services as mentioned under:

  •       Services for the customers receiving payment from welfare organizations.
  •       Services for the people who cannot clean the home themselves. Our services for customers who cannot clean their homes are deemed to be essential for health reasons. These services are essential because the unclean environment can pose health hazards and so will provide our cleaning services for such customers. The second reason is that a dirty environment can also disturb mental health.
  •       Commercial cleaning services for offices and business places.
  •       Move out cleaning services as they fall under building services and they may be permitted.

Important Note

If you have the services that come within the above-mentioned categories, please send an email. Our team will add your services to the list of essential services. We will not postpone the cleaning services if your service or business comes in the above list. We are trying our best to provide our cleaning services for the maximum businesses. It is still our request to send us an email if your businesses fall into the above category so that we will not skip cleaning services.

It is tough to clean the full house when you are sick or have a health issue. We request you to please do a health checkup. If you feel that you cannot clean your home due to health issues, you can call us and give the reason for it. We will add you to our list.

If you do not belong to the above list, we request you to wait for some weeks. The services or businesses which do not come in the above list will receive our cleaning services after 6 weeks. You can look at the calendar to get a clear idea of when you will get our cleaning services.

If you want to know more details, you can log in to your account and check the schedule for the next cleaning service. Our team will send an email to all the customers before the lockdown ends. It will be mailed to remind every customer to check the next cleaning schedule. We will also send you an email or text reminder every 1 to 3 days.

If you do not want to take our cleaning services after the lockdown period, you can send us an email.

If the period of lockdown exceeds, we will automatically postpone your cleaning services and update you during the lockdown period.

This email gives clarity to all our customers. Meanwhile, we will try our best to find out which services will continue in stage 4 lockdown and update you as soon as possible.

Update of 4th August Lockdown 4 - Temporary Closure

It is announced on Tuesday by the government that all the non-essential services including the domestic cleaning services will close down. It means that our cleaning services will close temporarily for the coming 6 weeks. Our services will be closed from Thursday 6th August to Thursday 17th September. We will start our cleaning services from Friday 18th September unless the period of lockdown exceeds.

Our team is trying the best to find out the services that will continue in the lockdown period. We are permitted to provide cleaning services for the customers for safety concerns. It means the people getting payments from welfare organizations will receive our cleaning services. We will give you regular updates on other services that will continue in this period.

We will stop our services from Thursday 6th August to Thursday 17th September for the regular customers. They will receive our cleaning services automatically after 17th September. We will also send an email to all the customers.

Our team will prepare a plan and give updates to the customers regularly. We thank every customer for cooperation and we promise to resume our cleaning services soon after 6 weeks.

You can send us an email to solve any doubts.

Lockdown Restrictions - Update of 3rd August

The government announced all the restrictions for the individuals yesterday. The restrictions relating to businesses might be announced today. As soon as we get any updates from the government officials, we will inform every customer. We hope that we can continue offering our services to all our customers.

The following restrictions for the people are as under:

A complete curfew will take place every day from 8 pm to 5 am. You cannot move out of your home except for health care or work purposes. Apart from that, you can go out of your home only for some reasons such as:

  •       You can go out to purchase groceries, food items, and daily supplies. However, you should not go out of a 5km radius. Only 1 member from 1 house can go out for buying food items once only. If you have a grocery shop or fruit market outside 5km, you can travel outside 5km. You can also take a kid who cannot remain alone at your home.
  •       You can exercise only once in one day for 1 hour within a 5 km radius of your house. No more than 2 persons should gather for exercising. You can take your kid or children who cannot stay at home alone.
  •       You can take some for medical care if you are a guardian or carer. The rule of a 5km radius does not apply in this case.
  •       Work purpose and for students studying in the university.
  •       You can visit the home of your parents for parenting arrangements.
  •       It is permitted to go out of the home in case of an emergency.
  •       You should wear a face mask while going out of your home.

We would like to bring to your notice that we regularly follow all the government advice. We at Singhz Services Melbourne do a health checkup of our cleaning team. We also provide them all the safety supplies.

The new restrictions make it difficult for the customers to take our cleaning services in the same way as earlier. In this case, we request you to sit in another room and let our cleaning team do the job in another room. Then you can go to your room which is cleaned by our team. You can also enjoy our cleaning services staying at home. If you still want to leave your home during the cleaning process, you can send us an email. We will schedule the cleaning when you go for shopping or exercise. We will keep the utmost social distancing during the cleaning process.

There are many options in which you can make the cleaning service easier and smoother. You can send us in writing all your doubts and we will solve that at earliest.

We list the safety regulations for our cleaning teams as under:
  •       Our cleaning teams have no travel history for the last 3 months.
  •       We do not hire workers who have symptoms of flu and cold.
  •       Only workers with negative Covid-19 reports are allowed to clean the properties.
  •       We follow the social distancing norms strictly and keep a distance of 1.5-2 m from the customers.
  •       Our cleaning teams wear shoe covers and hand gloves.
  •       Our cleaners cover their face with the mask.
  •       We disinfect the cleaning tools regularly.
  •       Our cleaning teams wash hands every few minutes.
  •       We give updates to our cleaning teams regularly with the necessary advice.

Update of 22nd July - Compulsory Masks

The government made an announcement that wearing a mask is compulsory for all the people from 23rd July when they step out of the home. We also advise our cleaning teams to use masks as per the government rules.

It is our confirmation that all our cleaning teams will wear masks, shoe covers, and hand gloves during the cleaning process.

Update of 14th July

The rules of wearing masks keep on changing every few days. Unlike before, the government has now made it mandatory for everyone to wear a face mask especially in places where social distancing cannot be followed.

We follow the social distancing practices to a large extent but it may not be followed in some narrow places. So, we advise all the cleaners to wear masks. We will also provide some other important equipment for our cleaners as per the government order.

Complete Lockdown for 6 Weeks

It is announced that there will be a complete lockdown from 8th July. The government advises people not to go out except for essential services like medical and health care. All the trades and services will continue like the previous lockdown. So, we will offer our cleaning services to the customers with all the safety measures.

We guarantee that all our cleaning teams will follow rules and safety procedures as mentioned by the government.

Update of 5th July

From 5th July, the complete lockdown will be done in 2 postcodes 3031 and 3051. Our cleaners who live outside the lockdown areas will not visit these suburbs. The cleaners who live within these areas will not be permitted to move out of those zones.

Local Lockdown

The level 3 lockdown will take place in the 10 areas of Victoria. We are waiting for the government’s order. Our team will follow all the restrictions as per the government. We have kept certain borders outside which our cleaning teams are not permitted to go for offering services. Our restrictions are as under:

  •       Our cleaners who stay outside hotspot zones can visit the customers who live outside hotspot zones.
  •       The cleaners who live outside hotspot areas cannot enter hotspot zones.
  •       We will provide the services of local cleaners for the customers who stay in the hotspot zones.

We will monitor the working of our cleaning teams for the coming weeks. They will work according to health precautions and safety measures.

Update of 26th June

Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day. In these tough times, we will provide all our latest news and restrictions to each customer and try our best to keep them safe.

New Restrictions

Some businesses like gyms and cinemas are opening with a limited number of people. However, there are some restrictions that you must follow. They are:

  •   Washing hands properly
  •   Keep a social distance of 1.5 m everywhere
  •   Do a health checkup or test if you have a cough or cold
  •   Only 5 visitors can come to your home. Maximum 10 people can gather outside.
  •   Not more than 20 people should gather at any public place.
  •   Gyms and theaters can open with 20 people only at a time.

The number of cases is increasing in the country. Looking at this situation, the government will identify the hotspot zones to reduce the spread of the virus.

We request all the people to follow government advice. We hope that an emergency will end within some days.

Our Safety Measures

We will bring to your notice that we follow all the safety measures as under:

  • Our cleaning teams have no travel history for the last 14 days
  • Any cleaner who has minor symptoms like cold or flu will not be permitted to work for 14 days
  • We maintain a social distance of 1.5 – 2m from customers and each other
  • Our cleaners wear face masks and shoe covers
  • We clean our equipment regularly
  • Our cleaners wash hands regularly

Update of Public Gatherings

The situation is getting under control in Australia. So, the government is trying to lift some restrictions as under:

  • Only 20 people can gather in cafes, bars, pubs, and public places
  • You can stay overnight in hotels and private residences.
  • Salons, spas, tattoo parlors, and beauty therapy centers can open with 20 people
  • Only 20 people can gather at libraries and auctions.

We are looking forward to serving every customer by following all the safety measures and restrictions. You can also send an email with your queries.

Update of 25th May

The schools are reopening today and the cases are also decreasing in Australia. Many restrictions will lift from 1st June. Many cafes, pubs, beauty salons, and restaurants will open with 20 people at a time.

We are happy to announce that our cleaning services will resume soon. Our cleaning teams will follow all the safety precautions like wearing masks, hand gloves, shoe cover, and PPE kits.

Update of 14th May

New cases are still lower than before. We hope that there will be no second wave and we can enjoy some services. We request all to follow government rules and maintain social distancing everywhere. If possible, avoid public gatherings and unnecessary trips.

We know many people are waiting for our cleaning services. We also missed many of our customers. So now, we request everyone to contact us if you want the cleaning services. You can also book our cleaning services online.

Lifting of Some Restrictions - 11th May

Some restrictions have been lifted by the government as under:

  • You can invite a maximum of 5 guests at a time in your home
  • Only 10 people can meet outdoors
  • Schools may start before term 2
  • Work from home rule extended for the full month of May

Morning Update of 11th May

With the new 681 cases, the government is bringing a 3 stage plan for the country. Every state will have its new lockdown plan and the final decision will be taken by the government.

It seems that we will have to wait this week for things to get normal. We will update you soon.

Update of 6th May

We are all eager to know the updates from the government. It seems that the state of emergency might end by 8th May. The government will further address the nation on 11th May and give an update of lockdown measures. We hope that some restrictions might lift. We should maintain social distancing and use safety measures to stop the spreading of the virus.

We are putting the best efforts to provide our cleaning services to every customer. You can contact us anytime for the latest news.

Update of 1st May

We are happy to share that some restrictions may ease in the country. However, the lockdown measures will remain the same until the state of emergency comes to an end on 11th May. You can get all the updates on our site.

It is our request to follow all the government rules and maintain social distancing

Update of 27th April

Many countries are taking efforts to fight against the virus. We hope that lockdown measures will end in our country. The government recommends some businesses to start. We will also start our cleaning services for workplaces and business places.

The government has developed an app to trace daily cases. We advise everyone to download this app on their devices.

It is important to stop the second wave of Covid-19 in the country. We request everyone to wash hands regularly, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing.

Update on 24th April

Currently, there are 2 goals of the government to stop the virus. They are eradication or containment. With daily cases reducing, the option of eradication is more convenient. But even after eradication of the virus, there is still the possibility of the return of the virus after the international borders open.

A lockdown may take place in the country for preventing the virus. You can check the updates on our site.

We are resuming our services for all our customers. You can get in touch with our team and we will discuss various options.

21st April News

The cases are slowly decreasing in the country. It seems that our efforts are becoming successful in stopping the virus. But we have to wait more for restaurants and cafes to open. Our health systems have managed to decrease the deaths due to viruses.

We at Singhz Services Melbourne monitor the working of our cleaning teams daily. We provide all the safety tools like PPE kit and masks for the safety of the cleaners and customers.

Update on 17th April

We are happy to share that the country is trying to fight against the virus. There are 100 cases or less from the last 10 days. You can get various tools to trace daily cases on the internet.

It seems that the government will ease certain restrictions in the next few weeks. But still, we have to focus on government recommendations and advice.

We will start our cleaning services for all the customers as soon as possible. It is our aim to keep you safe and healthy.

14th April Updates

We hope you all had a happy Easter. It seems that the government efforts are bringing good results in the country. The daily cases are lower than 100 from the last 7 days.

The current measures are reducing the spread of viruses in the country. We still have to be careful and follow safety precautions.

We hope that we can start our cleaning services soon for their safety.

Update of 8th April

We have sent an email to all the customers to help them book cleaning services.

We are conducting online quizzes to help the customers fight against mental health problems. These courses will help you to stay healthy and active while staying at home.

Update on 6th April

With 424 cases in March, the cases are now reducing. The government is successfully handling the fight against the virus. We have to stay calm and work together and support each other in these tough times. We have to follow some things like social distancing and wearing masks.

You can check the recommendations of the government related to Covid-19 on our site. You can translate the advice in your language.

3rd April Updates

We at Singhz Services Melbourne continue our cleaning services with all the safety precautions. We also send online courses to our teams to train them on how to control the spread of viruses.

Updates on 2nd April

The government has ordered a complete lockdown in the country. It is our request to everyone to stay at home except going out for buying groceries or medical appointments.

Businesses and trade will continue with safety precautions like social distancing and masks. We at Singhz Services Melbourne take all the necessary steps to keep our team and customers safe.

Update on 30th March

The government announced that there will be a limit on the number of people in the gatherings in private and public spaces.

Our cleaning teams are permitted to work in a team of 1 or 2 persons. We are following all the rules and regulations of the government.

We know the importance of social distancing at this point. So, our teams are maintaining the social distancing rules at work for the safety of the customers.

26th March Update

In a press conference, the government announced that lockdown might continue for next few months as the cases might rise in May/June.

We at Singhz Services Melbourne continue to give our services with all the safety measures. We request you all to stay at home and avoid unnecessary trips except for buying food and medical supplies.

We will help all our customers by offering premium quality cleaning services. We also follow the government rules.

Update on 24th April

As per the announcement of the prime minister, we at Singhz Services Melbourne will continue to offer our services. We will stop the cleaning of workshops and cleaning quality check-up jobs for a short time. We will work in a team of 1 to 2 persons.

Update of 23rd April

Our service is an essential service as per the announcement of the prime minister. So, we will be working as usual.

None of our cleaning teams have travel history within 14 days.

We will not permit any cleaner to work who has flu or cold-like symptoms. In such a case, we will replace the cleaners for your safety.

If you have any flu-like symptoms, please inform us and we will cancel or reschedule your booking. We also give regular updates to our teams on how to stay safe and healthy.

As far as possible, we are working from home and practice social distancing for the safety of our teams.

If you have any doubts, please send us an email. You can trust us and we will provide you the best cleaning services. We are also offering disinfectant cleans for the customers.