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Hire the Smart and Efficient Local Removalists in Melbourne

House relocation is one of the tedious jobs that everyone hates. It consumes a lot of time and effort. Apart from that, there is always a hidden risk of theft while shifting the costly assets from one place to another.
If you want effortless and hassle-free house relocation, you can call us. We are one of the leading house relocation companies in Melbourne in the city. We shift the furniture, sofa, and other items of the home from one city to another within a limited time.

Time-Saving House Relocation

If you ever had house relocation before, you know how difficult it is. Our competent team of house removalists will pack all the stuff from your home and shift it to a new place. They save time and do house relocation in a better manner. You can get all your stuff within a limited time.

Skilled Staff

We hire an efficient and skilled team of house relocation. Our team is experienced and knows all the routes. They also have a license for house relocation in various areas of the city. Apart from the city, our team also shifts furniture and other items from one state to another. They are polite and punctual and make house relocation an easy and fast process.

Affordable Packages

We provide the most affordable packages in the city. Our packages include everything from furniture to sofa sets. You can choose different items as per your budget and need. We also offer customized house relocation packages for the comfort of the clients. There are no extra fees or additional charges in our house relocation packages.

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How does SInghz Services Work?

We are one of the best local removalists in Melbourne offering service for a long time. Our system works as under:

  • You have to send us your inquiries on our email ID or you can call us as well.
  • Our team will do a bit of a survey about your home, location, and other things.
  • Then we will present a list of quotations and packages. You have to select any package according to your need and budget.
  • The next step is to select a date that you want for house relocation. In most of the cases, we will do house relocation as per your dates. However, the dates might change in some cases due to changes in the climatic conditions.
  • On the date of house relocation, we will pack all the home stuff and put it in the carriers. We will transport it from one place to another and deliver it at the right time.
  • Finally, we will unpack all the items of the home and place them in the right place. We will make your new home clean and tidy by removing all the boxes and cartons.
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Which Vehicles are Used for Shifting Items?

Our vehicles are closed from all sides. They have strong straps and a hand trolley. Besides, we also keep a toolbox for assembling and disassembling furniture. You can choose the equipment according to your need and budget.

Do You Give Packages and Boxes?

Yes, we do provide all types of packaging services. Our packaging material includes tapes, boxes, scissors, and cartons, and so on. You can also talk with our team about other packaging materials.

Do You Provide Insurance for the Goods?

We have an efficient team that will take care of your costly goods every time. But in some cases, the damage might take place due to heavy rains or strong winds. In that case, we suggest taking “goods in transit” insurance. Under this insurance, you will get the money if any item is damaged.

Do you move the piano, table, and other bulky goods?

Yes, our house removal services in Melbourne include shifting a table, sofa set, piano, table tennis, and other heavy goods. However, the charges may vary according to the size of the items and goods.

Which vehicle should I select?

While booking house moving services Melbourne, our team will first consider the weight and number of items for house relocation. You have to submit the details of the number of goods, weight and other things.