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We at Singhz Services Melbourne offer the best quality anti-viral cleaning and disinfectant services.


Premium Quality Disinfectant Services

We at Singhz Services Melbourne offer the best quality anti-viral cleaning and disinfectant services. Our cleaning team is punctual and arrives at short notice. Many customers are confused about disinfectant services. Let us discuss disinfectant services in detail:

Meaning of Disinfectant Services

Covid-19 is spreading at a fast rate in the country. We know that every customer wants to clean the home at this point in time. We at Singhz Services Melbourne offer 2 types of cleaning services. They are soap cleaning and disinfectant cleaning. Both the cleaning services have benefits. Our rich quality products make your homes and offices germ-free within a few hours.

Normal soap-based cleaning is done with the help of regular soaps. Rubbing the surface with these soaps can destroy the wall of the virus. On the other hand, the disinfectant products can kill the virus on the spot. You don’t have to rub the surface with disinfectant products.

Both methods can work in your homes, shops or offices. You can look at our combo offers and discounted deals on disinfectant services. We also give you the choice to select any disinfectant product.

Differences Between Normal Flat Rate and Flat Rate

We get many queries in emails about the flat rate and normal flat rate. Many customers do not know the differences between them. Let us have a look at both of them:

Disinfectant Services

Normal Flat Rate

In this service, our cleaners will use normal soaps for your homes. We use high-quality soaps to remove germs from any surface. The outer layer of the virus is made from fats and our soaps can break this layer instantly.

You have to rub our soaps on any surface to remove the bacteria and viruses. Under this service, we cover toilet seats, bathroom, wash areas, and other areas of the home.

Disinfectant Services cleaning

Flat Rate

This is another option for our customers. Under flat-rate service, we offer disinfectant products. It is slightly different from the normal soap. Disinfectant products can kill germs and bacteria on the spot. You do not have to rub disinfectant products in any corner of the home.

We suggest all our customers choose a flat rate as disinfectant services can give you a permanent solution for the germs. They kill the virus and make your homes clean.

Cost of the Cleaning Services

You can visit our official site to look at the full catalog and prices. We offer both flat rate and hourly rate services. If you have to clean your full home, we recommend you to take flat-rate services. Hourly rate service can be taken by couples or small families.

Our prices change according to the size of the homes. Because of the pandemic situation, we are giving discounts on the online booking of cleaning services.

If you want some extra services on top of the regular cleaning services, you can choose an extra option. You have to pay some charges to take extra services.

You can book our cleaning service on the official page by selecting the type of service and package.  

Disinfection Services